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The Role of Collagen in Conception, Carrying of the Pregnancy and Birth of Healthy Children

Preparing for conception and healthy pregnancy is the direct responsibility of future parents to the next generation. Today, more and more women are thinking very seriously about how to approach their pregnancies. In this case, the vital role of the collagen in this crucial process should be mentioned and considered by future mommies.

One of the most important questions in the case of problems with conception is how to increase the endometrium for impregnation. Thin endometrium prevents the onset of a successful pregnancy and, on the contrary, normalization, and thickening of the uterine mucous layer is an important stage in the successful completion of the process of preparation for pregnancy, as the endometrium is responsible for the successful attachment of the fertilized egg and the onset of conception. The endometrium can only be grown quickly and effectively if a woman follows a specific program as per advice of a qualified physician. However, you can also help your body in advance and on your own. The fact is that endometrium is also a connective tissue, which, as you already know from the previous posts, is also fortified if the natural level of the body’s own production of collagen is restored.

With age, when the collagen production process slows down, a woman can and should help her body by starting to take marine collagen internally in order to facilitate her own collagen production within the connective tissue. In this case, along with the process of improving the condition of the skin, hair and bone system of the body, the internal organs consisting of connective tissue will also, of course, react positively to the intake of collagen, improving their structure.

In addition to that, collagen intake during pregnancy planning may help to prevent the formation of scars and stretch marks typical for the pregnancy carrying period. Collagen should also be taken immediately after birth and end of the breastfeeding period in order to help the body to recover quickly from the considerable stress that pregnancy, giving birth, and lactating women organism experiences.


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